Own a Slidewich

A Slidewich company for you

Do you want to own a successful franchise business in Bangkok? Are you just as passionate about food as we are? Start your very own Slide Wich business. 

Our Slide Wich stores are operated in Bangkok, around and about. With our tasteful Slidewiches we offer a competitive product, catering to customers of all walks of life. Our high quality and reasonably priced sandwiches are a treat for everyone, both Thai, expats, and tourists from around the globe. We offer a unique retail experience.

A unique retail experience

Our stores provide a warm and elegant atmosphere. All our Slidewich creations are made up to the highest standards. We simply do not only serve the best sandwiches. We serve a value added menu with genuine, savoury products, rich in natural ingredients, fine-tuned to our customers’ wishes.

We operate with flexible store formats, fitting any requirement and specification. Restaurant style, kiosk, or booth? Shop-in-shop or standing on its own? It is all up to you. You will be offering our cosy atmosphere and serve your customers the very best sandwiches and a great experience.

Does this sound like exactly the kind of business you have been looking for?The Slide Wich Company is happy to provide you a full partnership proposal.

Our key success factors are:

  • Shop value proposition
    Slidewich is a simple concept that stands out among competitors. High quality and excellent service, that’s our formula. We excel in the art of creating European style bread. We select the very best locally sourced ingredients, we work with reputable suppliers and thus, we guarantee the finest quality sandwiches.
  • Being passionate
    Quality comes first. We do not chase profits without offering state-of-the-art added value to our customers, and our franchisees. We know that profitability follows the experience we provide.
  • Turn-key shop package
    Our concept, authentic recipes, ingredients, know-how, local and global marketing. You don’t need to worry about setting up your shop. We offer you the full package!
  • Low entry costs
    We offer our Slidewiches for a reasonable price. So why should we not make it affordable for franchisees to start their very own business too? Starting your own Slide Wich business is easy, inexpensive, and therefore attractive.
  • Full training and support
    We know that the secret behind our shop value proposition is support. We will assist you in setting up your business, getting your local marketing going and welcoming your first customers. But our support will not stop short there. We will always be there to help you. Because when you grow, we will grow with you!


Download our franchisees kit. Let’s talk business!

Become a team member

Do you want to become a Slide Wich team member? Grow your career with us! We are on the lookout for ambitious and happy team members. Because happy people will simply deliver better experiences to our customers. Are you comfortable working in a customer focused, fast paced environment? Please contact us!