Our Toppings

Daily fresh ingredients

The ingredients of all of our toppings are carefully selected and locally sourced. All the goodness you taste originates from high quality food ingredients.

Egg Mustard Salad

Our Egg Mustard Salad is a simple but excellent balanced sandwich. It is truly a treat to yourself: bright flavours combined with a rich creamy texture, finished with a crispy and spicy touch. Made with love with perfectly boiled eggs, fresh mayonnaise and the best French mustard. 

Thai Pandan Custard

As you may know, pandan is called ‘the vanille of Southeast Asia’. Our Thai Pandan Custard brings a sweet, soft flavour and a bright green colour. No wonder it’s so popular in Thailand! We combined the unique flavour of pandan with custard and coconut, resulting in a delicious creamy topping on our tasty bread. Once you’ve tried, you’ll love it forever. And: the topping is low carb and vegetarian!

Chicken Salad

Classic but never boring. Our Slidewich Chicken Salad is always a good idea. A tasty piece of our uniquely shaped bread richly topped with smooth chicken salad. High in protein, low in carbs. What else would you want?

Surimi Wasabi

Are you craving something spicy to get through a tough day? You might want to try our Slidewich Surimi Wasabi. We took the delicious taste of surimi and spiced it up with Japanese wasabi in a colourful salad. Combined with our excellent European style bread, it’s the perfect choice for a powerful lunch or snack!

Tuna Salad

We love to serve you our Slidewich Tuna Salad. It’s a simple but elegant option. Perfectly balanced with soft, meaty and flavoursome tuna filet blended with a little creamy mayonnaise. Simply yummy!

Chicken Pineapple

Did you know Thailand is sometimes called ‘The Land of Pineapples’? No? Well now you know. Thailand is a world renowned exporter of that juicy fruit. Therefore, our Chicken Pineapple is a topping you just must have tried. Enjoy the tasteful combination of chicken meat and the lovely sweet sour flavour of our famous Thai pineapples. Together they create the perfect tropical salad to top our quality bread with.

Hunting Sausage

The Slidewich Hunting Sausage is a great choice. Inspired by the world famous German “wurst”, we want to let you taste something special. Enjoy this delicious juicy cooked sausage made of lean beef and pork seasoned with a bunch of our finest spices. Probably the best of this sausage is the interesting structure, with part of the meat very thinly minced, the rest remaining somewhat coarse. 


Ground minced meat, seasoned with our finest herbs. Who doesn’t know meatloaf? Loved and made all over the world, it comes in all shapes and sizes. And for sure: our Slidewich Meatloaf is delicious! Simple but tasty, loved by everyone. Try it now!


Soft, lightly smoked and seasoned with chili pepper. The Slidewich Pepperoni is topped with the delicious American variety of salami made from cured pork and beef. Very popular as a pizza topping. Just as tasty on your favourite freshly baked bread!

Chili Bologna

The Italians are pros in creating great food. So the Slidewich Chili Bologna is a perfect choice beyond any doubt. Our Chili Bologna is made from mortadella, flavoured with spices such as black pepper and myrtle berries. Even better, we combined it with chili, giving it a little more spice and bite.

Chicken Bologna

Craving some great Italian food vibes? Inspired by the delicious pork sausage from the Italian city Bologna, The Slidewich – Chicken Bologna serves you a healthier variant made of chicken. No worries: it’s just as good and spicy as the pork version. Enjoy!

Smoked Ham

Juicy and tender meat, slightly salted with a touch of sweetness. Meet our Slidewich Smoked Ham. The perfect sandwich made with the best pork meat. A true treat to please your taste buds. Simply a great choice!