We're The Slide Wich

Hi! We are The Slide Wich company! Founded in 2018, we are a dynamic and already fast growing business with a passion for delightful food. 

Every company has its own story and so do we! We believe in honesty and simplicity. A sandwich should be made using daily baked fresh bread, topped with flavourful ingredients that cater to a wealth of tastes. That is why we love giving modern Asia a touch of the western world. We combine tasty long sandwiches, with both western and traditional Thai toppings of the finest quality. 

Our Story

Our name ‘The Slide Wich’ comes from ‘slide’ and ‘sandwich’. The Slide Wich is exactly what it sounds like: a long crunchy sandwich that easily slides into your mouth. Our Slidewiches are easy to enjoy on the go, just as well as a delight to savour in your favourite Slide Wich restaurant. 

Thanks to the full texture of the Slidewiches, our savoury products are there to relish as a full meal. The carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients guarantee the quality of European style bread, fresh salads and juicy meat toppings. 

Waiting for you at several easy to find locations in Bangkok, Slidewich is a no-nonsense, healthy option for a quick lunch or whenever you fancy a sweet delight. Our delicious Slidewiches are paralleled with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere. 

Simple but delightful

Although we like it simple, we are not simply a sandwich store. We can be part of your daily routine, become your get-together place, your neighbourhood. Come and get to know us. Visit us for a chat and a bite. Meet up and enjoy. 

You don’t have time to socialise? No problem. Simply grab your Slidewich and enjoy it at home or on the way. 

A unique length freshly baked sandwich topped with the best natural ingredients. Makes up for a whole new experience.

Our Mission

Simple, but tasty. Straightforward, but of high quality. Good, yet affordable. That’s exactly what we stand for. We are passionate about our tasty Slidewiches and everything else that turns a lunchbreak into an unforgettable experience. Cutting out the frills, we painlessly serve you our Slidewiches. Because good food doesn’t need to be complex nor expensive. We instead, strive for simplicity, quality and excellent service. 

Are you ready?

Throughout the day, all our flavourful Slidewiches are freshly prepared by our professional staff. They are trained at preparing your Slidewich with attention to detail and presentation. Our simple, but tasteful Slidewiches will definitely impress you, as well as your taste buds! Are you ready to slidewich delight into your mouth?