Simply delicious sandwiches.

Discover your favourite Slidewiches, topped with fresh salads, sweet treats and juicy meat toppings.

Meet those delicious Slidewiches.

Hi, we are The Slide Wich company! Founded in 2018, we are a dynamic and already fast growing business with passion for delightful food. We just love presenting modern Asia with a fine cut of traditional European flavours and classic Asian ones. This is why we combine our cruncy Slidewich sandwiches with both western and traditional Thai toppings of the highest quality.

At several easy to reach locations in Bangkok, we
present you a straightforward and healthy option for a quick lunch or whenever you’re having a crunch for sweetness. Our savoury offerings are matched with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere.

The Slidewich is exactly what it sounds like: a delicious crunchy sandwich that easily slides into your mouth. A unique, freshly baked length of bread topped with the best natural ingredients. It makes up for a whole new experience. Are you ready to slidewich it right into your mouth?

The Slidewich Experience

The Slide Wich offers delicious sandwiches topped with simple, however richly filled salads packed with all the goodies you need. 

Are you more into tender, great tasting pork or chicken? Try our meat toppings! They are mouth-watering! 

Don’t forget to finish off your Slidewich with some extra sauce, coconut milk, a little extra mayonnaise, or some red chili pepper… Let’s spice it up!